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from The Communication Initiative

Their home page is sub-titled:"Communication Interventions for Sustainable Development". Here are some links from the "Books and Materials" section.


1. Communicating for Development: Human Change for Survival

Describes the various change and development problems,and how communication could help solve them. Overview of how communication for
development came into being. Series of case studies. Analyzes the common factors of success in the case studies

2. Health Communication: Lessons from Family Planning & Reproductive

Distills what the Johns Hopkins Population Communication Services and its partners have learned about the design, implementation, and
evaluation of effective health communication campaigns.

3. A Manual for Culturally-Adapted Social Marketing (CASM)

Successful aplication of culturally-adapted social marketing in different parts of the world.

4. ENTERTAINMENT-EDUCATION: A Communication Strategy for Social Change

Focused on the history and development of entertainment-education, explores the process of designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and educate.

5. Managing for Change: Leadership, Strategy & Mangement in Asian NGOs

Key operational issues facing NGO managers, drawing lessons from the reality of Southern NGOs.

12. News in the Global Sphere

A study of CNN and its impact on Global Cummunications