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Brazilian rage against Fifa’s Soccer World Cup is revealed in a new documentary film ahead of the event planned for June this year


21 March 2014

In the film Imagina na Copa (Imagine the Cup), South African storyteller Yazeed Kamaldien explores the voices for and against the tournament. Four screenings are planned for the film’s launch, starting at The Labia cinema on April 9.

The tournament has locals disagreeing about the cost and value for the host country. In Brazil, increasing government expenses related to the Soccer World Cup has in recent months led to violent protests.

This 33-minute documentary film takes its title from a popular phrase that Brazilians quote each time they reflect on the social challenges in relation to the Soccer World Cup. When faced with yet another local corruption case or services that don’t run smoothly, they would exclaim, “Imagine during the World Cup!”

It includes interviews with citizens reflecting on why they don’t want the Soccer World Cup, Brazilian government representatives and those involved in organising of the event.

Also included are interviews with favela residents who claim the government wants to evict them from their homes as it prepares for the Cup. Kamaldien wants to expose to outsiders these important voices from the ground in Brazil.

“The anger and energy at protests and fearless opposition to government evictions cannot be ignored. Anyone who is interested in the Soccer World Cup needs to hear these voices. Brazilians want the rest of us to know that it’s not all soccer, samba and supermodels but a very challenging reality,” says Kamaldien.

“As a journalist, I wanted to show both sides of the story though. So while I went to protests and favelas, I spoke to officials too. It’s a very complex situation because there are various allegations about the government and Fifa creating an event that offers locals little value.”

It is not the first time that locals from a developing country hosting the Soccer World Cup speak up against what they perceive to be an injustice. Kamaldien says he saw in South Africa, which hosted the last Fifa tournament in 2010, how locals felt disenfranchised.

“There was dissatisfaction that big businesses and only the wealthy benefited financially from the event. My film should reignite a conversation about the legacy of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa,” says Kamaldien.

“We have around the country stadiums that are still being paid off. We need to ask why these stadiums are not yet sustainable and what this means for taxpayers. We need to look critically at what this tournament meant.”

Imagina na Copa is Kamaldien’s debut feature documentary film. He has worked on TV news inserts and other documentary films.

Kamaldien plans to screen Imagina na Copa at various venues, starting in Cape Town, and spreading across South Africa and beyond. Any persons interested in hosting a screening can get in contact with the filmmaker via [email][email protected]

For media interviews or stills from the film for publication, contact the filmmaker via [email][email protected] or +27-(0)82-682-2438.

April 9: Premiere at the Labia cinema in Orange Street, central Cape Town/Gardens. Starts 6:15pm. R40 a ticket.
April 11: Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Wesley Road, Observatory. Starts 8pm. Pay what you can.
April 15: bolo'bolo, 76 Lower Main Rd, Observatory. Starts 8pm. Free entry.
April 22: Homecoming Centre, Buitenkant Street (near District Six Museum), central Cape Town. Starts 7pm. Free entry.

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