The exhibition lays bare the human cost of Britain's broken asylum system. The featured asylum seekers were active and successful people in Zimbabwe, but many developed depression, poor health and became destitute in the UK after being forced to live in limbo for too many years.


There is clear evidence that the crime preventer program is linked to the ruling political party and that the crime preventers’ actions are frequently both unlawful and partisan, aimed at intimidating or reducing support for the political opposition.

The Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) announces the second round of its small research grants competition in memory of Lionel Cliffe, the founder member who died in 2013. It is intended to promote research in the spirit of his work, and is restricted to African scholars and/or activists based in Africa.

A commission of inquiry must be transparent. Its work is not over until its report is presented, following which those in charge of the secretariat are expected to hand over the records of the proceedings for safe-keeping. There is uncertainty in Guyana as to responsibility and accountability of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry.

No solution in sight from a system that breeds the world’s problems, warns global activists a day ahead of the 10th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Nairobi, Kenya


There was a time when Prof Moyo stood alone with the revolutionary people of Zimbabwe. In international academic platforms he refused the seductive embrace of colonisers which comes with a litany of personal rewards.


I knew Sam before Independence. I worked with him on land, energy and forestry issues. My abiding memory of him is his open, radical, good natured approach to life. He was a true geographer, driven by the empirical evidence that landscape meant lifescape and that lifescape was built by bias in race, class and gender.

Not my judgement, but one of his doctoral examiners left the room after questioning Sam about his doctoral thesis, obviously on land in Zimbabwe. “It was like asking more

The government-appointed Commission was wound up last month and directed to compile its report by 30 November. The report is expected to be published on 15 December. The Commission faced a lot of huddles deliberately thrown on its way including a campaign mounted by government figures to discredit it.

The December 2015 issue of the International Refugee Rights Initiative’s Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter (formerly the Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter) is out. Find the full newsletter .

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In the light of the UN climate conference (COP21) taking place in Paris, France, this week we bring you a special issue of Pambazuka News dedicated to the urgent climate crisis.

The collection of articles in this edition is the work of Carbon Trade Watch, working with several specialist individuals and organisations over the course of several months. The articles have recently been published as a booklet that is available at the website.

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