Dear Editor,

I refer to the article in issue 747 of Pambazuka News about . I find this position very disappointing coming from someone as learned as Dr. Pheko. I'm sure he has made far better contributions to Pambazuka than this.

The problem seems to be that if the evolution hypothesis is true, it upsets what some people already believe to be true. I wonder why those who have accepted the so-called teachings of God are offended by (or feel sorry for) those who also treat more

Following threats to de-register 959 Kenyan NGOs, many working for good governance and human rights, CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance, and the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders–Kenya (NCHRD-K), call on Kenyan authorities to immediately stop the repeated harassment of NGOs and ensure a conducive legal and political operating environment.


For over 50 years, we’ve been campaigning for human rights wherever justice, freedom and truth are denied. We’ve reshaped policies, challenged governments and taken corporations to task. In doing so, we’ve changed thousands of lives for the better. Join Amnesty at our new regional office in Dakar and you will too.

Zanzibar’s election commission last week abruptly canceled all results of elections held October 25, which the leading opposition party said it had won. There are fears of political violence in the Indian Ocean island. Over 30 Zanzibar scholars now want the governments of Zanzibar and Tanzania to keep all of their citizens well and free from harm and respect electoral democracy.


Admissions are now open for the part-time Master's degree in International Human Rights Law starting September 2016. Various scholarships are available and successful applicants will be considered for any for which they are eligible. Admissions close at noon on 22 January 2016.

Please visit for further information.

The North American Delegation to the 8th Pan African Congress is holding a preparatory meeting to mobilize grassroots representation to the 2nd phase (to be held in 2016) on October 30?31, 2015 in New York City at Medgar Evers College. The first phase of the 8th Pan African Congress was held in Ghana in March 2015.

The ruling is a significant defeat for the Maasai of Loliondo who depend on raising and herding cattle in the harsh environment to earn their fragile living, and have had their main means of survival jeopardised by both international investors and their own government.


In a joint statement released and endorsed by nearly 200 organisations across Africa and India on the occasion of the Third India-Africa Forum Summit taking place in New Delhi this week, African and Indian civil society reminds their governments of the key issues at stake at the forthcoming WTO Ministerial which will take place in Nairobi in December.

In recent days there have been vicious attacks on and the looting of foreign-owned shops in Grahamstown in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Police have hardly anything to protect those targeted. In this statement, five women give a detailed account of their horrifying experience.

Free education is not only about money, resources, student to lecturer ratios, the end to the outsourcing, although it clearly does mean this. It also means an education that works towards freedom. It means working through legacies of apartheid difference that persist in the present.