Henry Makori

* Henry Makori is an editor with Pambazuka News.

It is international Women’s Day. Revolutionary salute to all women!

Our basic problem in the world is patriarchy; that is, a world constructed around elite male power. This deeply entrenched system sidelines, denigrates, marginalizes and oppresses not just women; it does the same to the majority of men as well – with the chief outcomes being violence, mass poverty, dictatorship and ecological destruction. Our total liberation as human beings depends on slaying the dragon of patriarchy and creating an alternative world of new relations based on respect, justice and collaboration....

After surrendering 30% of my salary to the Government of Kenya every month; after I surrender thousands of shillings every month in indirect taxes that have pushed the cost of living to the skies; after billions of shillings are acquired every year as loans in my name by that same government; after it has come to light that billions of shillings are wasted by people in that government and that several other billions are looted in one of the most corrupt governments in the world...the noblest thing I am expected to do is not to condemn this regime of filthy and shameless thieves and


Pour adopter les Ogm, les gouvernements africains subissent une intense pression provenant de l’intérieur mais aussi des grandes firmes agroalimentaires et des gouvernements occidentaux. Ils doivent résister à ces forces et au colonialisme alimentaire et faire leurs choix biotechnologiques en toute connaissance de cause.

Devant les attentats qui se succèdent au Kenya, les accusations à l’endroit d’Al Shabaab tombent comme une évidence. Le gouvernement y trouve un prétexte pour continuer à s’engager dans une « guerre contre le terrorisme »voulue par l’Occident en Afrique de l’Est, et n’avoir pas à s’expliquer devant les populations sur cet engagement en Somalie. Mais d’autres raisons existent, qui pourraient bien expliquer ces flambées de violence, découlant de tensions internes au Kenya.