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A new six-part video series from provides practical tips and insight from activists, survivors and experts on interviewing techniques, creating appropriate questions, safety and security, and the effects of trauma on survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. The video series accompanies our written guide on

The idea to produce these guides came from WITNESS' experiences with activists and partner organizations working to end sexual and gender-based violence globally. Their feedback made it clear that there was a need for guidance on how to conduct these interviews. Documenting stories of survivors can be difficult for a number of reasons including: societal stigma and shame; the threat of retribution by the perpetrator or institutions that wish to bury these stories; and, poorly conducted interviews can lack respect for the rights and dignity of survivors. All of these have the ability to expose survivors to further hardship or risks to their personal safety. Our hope is that these guides will help filmmakers, activists and advocacy organizations record interviews with survivors more safely, ethically and effectively.

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who supported the production of this video series! Share your thoughts and feedback with us at [email][email protected]