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The Sierra Leonean army will be doing the biding of America’s proxy-war in Africa as mercenaries. This is a case of Africans paid to kill other Africans.

FREETOWN, 4th April, 2013 - By the end of this week 850 Sierra Leonean soldiers would have left the shores of Sierra Leone on a mission to Somalia. Just as the soldiers are leaving the shores of Sierra Leone, President Ernest Bai Koroma was rewarded with a meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House in recognition of his role in supporting imperialism’s proxy wars in Africa and their mad rush for African resources.

The mission of the Sierra Leone soldiers, most of whom are poorly paid in normal circumstances, is to fight the Islamist group Al-shabaab. In reality, this is an imperialist sponsored project in which the Sierra Leonean army will be doing the biding of America’s proxy-war in Africa as mercenaries. The cost of the mission’s logistics and salaries for the soldiers will be paid for by the US. This is a case of Africans paid to kill other Africans.

PACM issued a press release one year ago when the announcement of Sierra Leone’s participation in the Al-Shabaab war in Somalia first came out. Our position remains the same. We reaffirm our view that war cannot bring peace and that the deployment of Sierra Leonean soldiers in Somalia is wrong.

We believe that the problem in Somalia cannot be resolved by military action. The deployment of Sierra Leonean forces there will only be seen by the people of Somalia as an attempt by the rulers of Sierra Leone to be part of the greater conspiracy, sponsored by western imperialist forces to dominate and further the long suffering of the people of Somalia and deepen the conflict. The deployment might also endanger Sierra Leonean citizens.

We do not oppose the involvement of Sierra Leonean soldiers in other African problems, but we believe that, in this case, the “solution” is driven by outside forces PACM wonders how Sierra Leonean soldiers can use military force to bring peace in Somalia where US forces have failed in 1993, Ethiopian troops, Kenyan forces, far more equipped and organise have failed.

PACM wishes to state that we equally oppose all forms of violence including Al-Shabaab’s use of terrorist tactics of killing innocent people in their so-called war to institute sharia law in Somalia.

PACM joins the progressive chorus of African peace campaigners, to call for a peaceful resolution to the Somalia conflict as well as the conflicts in Mali and Nigeria and to oppose the new vigour of imperialism in Africa. We also call on the Government of Sierra Leone, who are so willing to serve as puppet of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism to pursue a peaceful political resolution of the Somalia conflict.


PACM condemns the role that the AU is playing in the new scramble for Africa. We hold the view that the AU has become an instrument in the hands of imperialism and neo-colonialism in its most voracious current form in Somalia, Libya, Mali etc.

PACM notes with utter dismay that whilst the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) was formed in May 1963 for the total liberation of Africa from foreign domination and for African unity, now the AU has become an instrument in the hands of foreigners for the recolonisation and reconquest of Africa – a shame to the current African leadership.


The Pan-Afrikan Community Movement (PACM) is a grassroots Pan-Africanist, community based movement of youths, students, women, employed and unemployed workers in urban and rural Sierra Leone. We stand for the self-emancipation and self determination of the oppressed and exploited Afrikan masses at home and abroad. We are opposed to privatisation, racism, sexism, neo-colonialism, and imperialist proxy wars in Africa.

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Stop the War, Hands Off Somalia!
Stop the recolonisation of Africa, Now!!
End Imperialist Proxy Wars in Africa Now!!!