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President Donald Trump’s declared agenda is to put America first in world affairs. That seems to have frightened some people as it suggests the so-called leader of the free world is not interested in promoting multilateralism. But, as a matter of fact, when has America ever been interested in internationalism? When has America ever championed interests other than its own?


Farewell to globalism--

Welcome to Americanism.


Shuttering the global village

Amidst wanton global pillage--

With thunderous no pretensions--“America first” adage.



Halting the wheels of a global train

With eloquence so plain—

Promising American gain with no pain.


Trumping age-old multilateralism

With grandiloquent populism—

That might usher in global anarchism.



As Obamism takes back seat

Modest life to greet.


Invoking divine provience;

Solomonic eternal prudence—

Yet conspicuous by its absence.


Farewell to globalism

And welcome Americanism—

Paradigm of our century’s nationalism.



Farewell to globalism;

And why not Africanism?


Leading the old globalism to demise

So the new one can rise

With vigor like the African sunrise.


Prophets sing praise—

Prayers for the ruler they raise

As globalism is set ablaze.


One nation under God;

Trusting only in God for good;

Blessed with gold by God.