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Dearest People,
Congratulations a million times, thank you a billion times for your
persistence, patience and the peaceful manner you have won this
particular battle.
One only wishes that victories like these could be rewarded in a way
which does justice to
All of the people involved, but especially the ones
who have been trampled upon
tortured, raped in ways unimaginable
Hopefully your victory will open the eyes
which refuse to see
because they have been blinded by greed
Your victory shall make the poorest of the poorest
all over the world root
for greater victories
until this predatory
system is rooted out
along with the mindset set
on killing humanity

* Jacques Depelchin is a committed intellectual, academic, and activist for peace, democracy, transparency and pro-people politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
* is the South African shackdwellers' movement.