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FEATURED: Twelve years after Rwanda, Gerald Caplan warns of many more genocides
- Fifty-four women from 21 African countries stand up for Kwezi, the complainant in the Zuma rape trial
- World Health Day 2006: New research shows massive outflow of Africa's wealth behind underdevelopment
- Four Pambazuka News readers comment on the Charles Taylor trial
- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender activists (LGBT) meet on discriminatory Nigerian legislation and persecution of homosexuals in Cameroon
- Is homosexuality really “unafrican”?; Falling down in Zimbabwe; Happy 250th birthday for Pambazuka News
PAN-AFRICAN POSTCARD: Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem asks 'who can be trusted with nuclear weapons?'
BLOGGING AFRICA: Blog columnist Sokari Ekine wraps up the blogosphere
- Warning: “Site-specific gallery installation by up-and-coming artist. Visitors may find certain works in this exhibition challenging.” Shailja Patel introduces Wangechi Mutu
- Gangsters and Democracy: A review of Jonny Steinberg’s The Number
CONFLICT AND EMERGENCIES: Unease in N’Djamena as rebels move closer
HUMAN RIGHTS: Transparency campaigners arrested in Congo
WOMEN AND GENDER: What challenges does UN reform present for women?
REFUGEES AND FORCED MIGRATION: UK judges order Zim refugees back home
ELECTIONS AND GOVERNANCE: Worries over passing of Ugandan NGO legislation
DEVELOPMENT: NGOs call for fast-tracked trade negotiations
CORRUPTION: World Bank corruption back in the news
HEALTH AND HIV/AIDS: World Health Report 2006
EDUCATION: Child labour blocks Education for All
ENVIRONMENT: Shell told to stop gas flaring in Nigeria
MEDIA AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Journalist on hunger strike in Tunisia
INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY: New bookmarking tool for Internet café users
PLUS: Courses, Seminars and Workshops, Fundraising and Useful Resources, Jobs

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This is the 250th issue of Pambazuka News.

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