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COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Yveline Deverin argues that almost all the mediators who have attempted to intervene in Ivory Coast have done so simply because they had a personal interest in intervening
- Rotimi Sankore explores the factors that contribute to the poor health of Africans
- Sokari Ekine argues that as long as Spain continues to reap benefits from cheap labour, the Spanish government’s rhetoric that it will not tolerate the continued arrival of migrants cannot be taken very seriously
- Maggie Makanza explains why the opposition in Zimbabwe has not been able to get rid of Mugabe
- Wahu Kaara argues that the reason the IMF and the World Bank chose Singapore for their meetings this year is because these institutions want to exclude poor people of the world
BLOGGING AFRICA: Sokari Ekine explores what the codifying of the African blogosphere means for people of colour
BOOKS AND ARTS: Hamidou Soumah argues that African films are marginalised in the US
CONFLICT AND EMERGENCIES: Links to news on Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Ivory Coast
HUMAN RIGHTS: Ugandan press decides to publish the names of alleged homosexuals
WOMEN AND GENDER: Maternal mortality rate still high
REFUGEES AND FORCED MIGRATION: Newly displaced yearn for peace
ELECTIONS AND GOVERNANCE: Who benefits from inter-govt clashes?
DEVELOPMENT: Annan hails Civil Society Organisations
CORRUPTION: Lesotho tackles corruption
HEALTH AND HIV/AIDS: Who wants an HIV vaccine?
EDUCATION: Crisis in the teaching profession threatens education for all
RACISM & XENOPHOBIA: Why xenophobia persists in South Africa
ENVIRONMENT: Africa environment outlook
LAND AND LAND RIGHTS: Land invasion a wake up to tackle poverty
MEDIA AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Attacks on journalists alarming
DIASPORA: The traditional predators
INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY: South African NGOs petition government to adopt foss
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