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Who we are is a question that requires constant inward contemplation merged with the outside - negotiating between two worlds - for knowing is paramount in affirming our existence and freedom. Who we are is a self-orientation of where we have been and the direction we are heading in, realizing that we cannot be anything unless (Sartre: 2007) others acknowledging us as such or may be not. The big business in the quest of identity - socially constructed, contingent, and performatively constituted - is in fact shaped by personal experiences, the formation of oneself within hegemonic social conditions undistinguished between the personal and the political or between private and public spaces.

Tears rain our world
crying for the moon
covering the ocean with bottomless tears,

humanness love a lucid confusion
unknown but by the few,
the jewel of reality
worn only but by the few,

greed's desperation shattering visions
pouring fire on the tepid soul,
in heights of deprivation
self-destructive behavior imposed,

nailed in a coffin
caged in with cold words
of duality
of race, religion,
ideology a reason in seasons,

depriving one of oneself,

Can't you see
you can't claim me
I can't claim me,
I belong everywhere and nowhere
birthed in a place of somewhere of nowhere

I am not this nor that,

dancing to the fire of love
I sing like the bird
not for he nor she,
I beat the drum of no words

I am not this nor that,

I am rather the love of life
dancing to the beat of the earth,
I and I.