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Many thanks for your newsletter which continues to provide a wonderful source of important information and conscientisation. I would like to suggest a new section be added which relates to the real Development and Aid - which is actually from Africa to the North. This section would provide information about, for example, the numbers of health workers, teachers and other skilled professionals who are being 'imported' by countries in the North after we have paid to educate and train them - thereby saving the 'importing' countries billions of dollars, and at the same time stripping our countries of vital social capital. It would also keep readers up to date with the profits that are going to the North from businesses which market and sell our cultures (or music, or medicines etc etc). And what about all those wonderful cheap holidays and holiday homes that are being bought by Northerners. Their trips here provide them with extraordinarily cheap access to exotic holiday breaks where they can also feel human and in touch with real human values enabling them to go back refreshed and able once again to participate in their work settings. These excursions must be almost priceless? What do you think?
PZ Replies: Absolutely agree and thanks for the letter. We hope to have an editorial on this subject in the future. We are also going to have some new sections introduced shortly, one of which will be an African Diaspora section, which will hopefully highlight the issues you mention.