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We are a Somali Local Organization which is non-political and non-profit making, known as Somali Human Rights Action. We work in the central zone and Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. We feel Pambazuka News is helping us particularly in the following areas: We receive all the news particularly about Africa nations and the latest highlights news which is common for all people who read Pambazuka all the time. We receive knowledge of writing in English in many different issues. There is also workshop information. We also use this reference in writing proposals, reports and letters .We try to follow all the news, particularly the Human Rights Information. We try to follow all details, but most of the time we are unable to because of the financial situation. The better part of it is that we have the information and we know that we have a chance to succeed. I cant even explain in this small letter how we feel Pambazuka News has been helping our growth as an organization.

But the only thing I can say is that Pambazuka News has been helping our growth in many ways. For example. I gave two organizations and  one friend in Dubai the contacts and the information of Pambazuka News. The organizations are also local organizations. They thanked me because they had no idea that there was anything like Pambazuka which really helped them. Pambazuka News helps by giving us more information particularly on the Human Rights programmes like workshops and contacts for donors. Pambazuka News is helping in the free information that we receive every time which is knowledgeable. Currently, our biggest problem is rent of our offices and communication costs in this year 2005 and also building capacity of our organizational staff. We hope that all we have told you will help you to help us to get donors who can help us. Your cooperation and help will be highly appreciated.