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Sibonginkosi Mazibuko says that problem is , it is ourselves.

This is indeed a sad story of our lives. I however can no longer go on blaming the colonisers and the multi-corporations. The problem lies with our leadership. How does anyone explain the fact that in spite of all the evidence that we have been victims of such a system our leaders still refuse to heed the call for African unity and begin to look up to ourselves for salvation rather than always crying to the west for help.

Why African leaders fail to see what the likes of Kwame Nkrumah told us so long when independence first came to us. Why do we still allow ourselves to be divided by colonial bonds as represented in our dealings with the former colonial powers? Look at the way France threats the former French colonies for example. How does one explain that our leaders go on shopping trips in these countries. No! The problem is not the colonisers any more. The problem is our ourselves.