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How do you holler
And not be heard
A fury of injustice
That has numbed us stern

Fury killed a dream
Killed the kid
Who dreams football on streets
Caught in the axis
Tragedy and injustice

To the world
Ain’t nothin’ but a thing
Call it an –ism
Euphemism has a name for it
Collateral damage
Isn’t that what they call it?

An explicit offense
Made inoffensive
Tragic called the kid
Dream gunned on the street
His dream
His defense
For street dreams

For the explicit offender
The dream
Dealt on a kid
Dealt on misdeed
Unnamed coffin
That was the end of the kid

The world should be
On bended knees
Crying out life
How hollow is the prize
Dealt on a kid
Living on

© afrodisiatic expression