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in the proverbial accord of hand
and glove does the…

in the proverbial accord of hand
and glove does the
sea flirt with you as
i watch from the plane.

– turbulence! -

land of Nkrumah, of gods and gold,
land of Ghana: wonsu saa biom.
your tears salted the sea once when
it beguiled you like a harlot, and
history taught your children to dread ships.

- turbulence! -

it is time for a new thought.
…time for a new thought.
i like flying.
it gives me a mischievous anonymity and places me
above time, above place. above history’s tears


* Donald Molosi is a writer, poet and classically trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He is from Botswana and is a graduate of Williams College in the US. He has just spent 18 months studying Forum Theatre in Senegal, Uganda, France and England, and is currently working in New York City.
* Please send comments to [email protected] or comment online at Pambazuka News.