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The silent cries of the innocent,
Abandoned in the dark,
Stabbed in the night,
Shot by the wayside,
By masked men in ‘plain clothes’

We not know their names
We know their masters
Actions of intimidation
The voiceless cry!

Seekers of truth strangled
Maimed in daylight…

We have seen them,
We know them
But in little whispers we talk of them;

Intimidated by the lack of;
Crucified for the act of;

Bailing for the blood of the innocent
Kill and maim for what they cannot provide

The voice of the voiceless
Crying in the silent wilderness
Strangled by very powers we pay

We have seen them abduct kill and maim
We have seen them tap and disconnect
In fears we live
In confidence we cry

They abduct
They kill
And silence
Yet the voiceless die in the silent
Those with voice are now in borders
Those with voice never will return – Oulu, Kingara
Those with voice fear

When will the new dawn rise?


* Nancy Muigei is a poet and a youth activist.
* Nancy Muigei © 2010.
* Please send comments to [email protected] or comment online at Pambazuka News.