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The April 2013 issue of the Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter is now available: Please help us distribute it, and consider contributing in the future. You can also like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter!

Table of Contents

Issue 36, April 2013

ISSN 2049-2650

EDITORIAL TEAM: Themba Lewis, Yara Romariz Maasri, Lily Parrott, Britta Redwood, Katherine Rehberg, Fiona McKinnon, Stuart Thomas, Jennie Corbett and Katie Vasey

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News on Countries of Origin and Asylum

Deportation News

Conferences, Workshops & Courses



Rwandan refugees in Côte d’Ivoire express concern
Refugee Law Initiative hosts international conference on Latin American asylum policy
Returning unaccompanied minors to Afghanistan: An update
High Court orders last-minute reprieve from deportation of Tamils from the UK
Israel: Detained asylum seekers pressured to leave
High Court of Justice to State: Explain legality of anti-infiltration law
Choucha: Forgotten in the Tunisian desert?
UNHCR urged to expedite resettlement from Russia to protect refugees at risk of abduction
UNHCR stands up for refugees in Israel

The Fahamu Refugee Programme’sstatement on behalf of African NGOs before the 56th meeting of the Standing Committee at UNHCR in Geneva
Agenda Item 3 (a) i
Agenda Item 3 (a) ii
Agenda Item (3) iii
Agenda Item 3 (a) iv
Agenda Item 3 (a) v

Implications of the Geopolitical and Economic Constraints for Providing Legal Aid to Refugees in Jordan New network monitors deportee abuses
Refugee migration to Ukraine and the geopolitics of control at Europe’s eastern borders
AMERA-Egypt, Flagship of the Refugee Legal Aid Movement, Struggles for Financial Survival
Surviving Choucha

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