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Qaabata Boru, the editor of KANERE Refugee Free Press, writes of a recent assault he suffered and his loss of important personal property.

Dear all,

My name is Qaabata Boru and I'm the editor of KANERE, from Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. I would also apologise to many of you with whom we have been in touch on a different issue that got interrupted.

I would like to draw your attention to the bad incident that I encountered that involves being a KANERE journalist. On 10 November 2009, I was assaulted by three men known to me in the same community and this case came as turning point when I produced my camera and was taking photos of my burning fence that was stretching towards the house and if it were not for my family friends my house could have been destroyed completely.

The authorities on the ground are aware of the case but the perpetrators were not yet arrested. On that the same evening my house was robbed when the door was broken in and several pieces of my property were stolen including: 1. A digital video camera; 2. Ksh 10,000; 3. Stationery, with damped on the ground and water poured on them; and 4. KANERE papers and previous publications stolen and other losses.

I'm terribly sad about this and request any ways possible that you think could be helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


KANERE Refugee Free Press


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