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Sign TANY's petition calling on the Madagascan government to stop the eviction of families from their land to make way for land grabs.

Dear friends,

The expulsion of families from their land, often for several decades, is becoming more and more frequent and on a greater scale in Madagascar, occurring in every region of the country and in rural and urban zones alike. The majority of these families have no means of defending themselves.

Faced with such intolerable scenes, TANY (Collectif por la Défense des Terres Malgaches) has launched a petition entitled 'Stop the expulsion of Madagascan families and land-grabbing in Madagascar'.

We'd like to encourage readers to sign this petition, which calls on the Madagascan authorities to react immediately to put a stop to these expulsions and to protect the country's people:

Further details and references are available in the petition's annex.

With sincere thanks for everybody's support,