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Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) calls on the International Criminal court to arrest Mswati as a perpetrator of human suffering for presiding over a crime against humanity.

Swaziland is a small country south of the equator which shares borders with two democratic countries in the name of Mozambique and the republic of South Africa. Swaziland has been ruled by the Dlamini dynasty for over five hundred years, Mswati is said to have inherited his kingdom from his father Sobhuza and when inaugurated said it clearly that he will follow in his fathers footsteps of not democratizing the country, all influential positions will be headed by his illiterate brothers, there will be no freedom of association, speech and labor rights for the citizens, will continue to have so many wives that will be taken care of by the taxpayers, he will spend lavishly to an extent that he will buy cars like he is buying sweets. And lastly he will cut extensively on social spending hence you see the cut in university scholarships and the crumbling health sector. And lastly he will never uphold the rule of law, with this promise when taking oath he has lived up to it.


The Swazi government led by king Mswati has extensively cut on social spending (social spending can be classified as a budget by the government to uplift the standard of living of the country' citizens) with a country that has 70% unemployment rate where do you expect citizens to generate resources to sustain themselves, when also around 600.000 rely on donor food meaning those people are extremely poor they cant afford to cater for themselves so government has to intervene on their behalf but does that happen? Below I will be writing about why we believe the government of Mswati is deliberately subjecting our poor people to such barbaric conditions, further choosing to throttle them (KWEKHAMA) so that they unwillingly submit to the regime’s shenanigans.


the Swazi regime is a bunch of confused traditionalists who cant see beyond their noses, in today’s world I swear you cant make it if you are not educated instead of pouring more resources on education as a form of capacitating its citizen so that in future they will be self reliant and the skills they will acquire either at university or technikon will boost the country' economy because we be having the skills that are needed by the market instead the government has cut university and colleges funding by 40% percent this year meaning more than 8000 Swazi children wont be able to access tertiary education forever because the percentage will grow next year and eventually tertiary education will be totally privatized.


You might think that the rise of the education budget every year means something to the Swazi child yet it spells doom the reason being that the major cut on university and college funding in Swaziland is because the 35% of the budget is utilized by the royal kids that is Mswati' children inclusive of his sisters and brothers kids and the children of the regimes stogies, mostly to spaza colleges outside of Swaziland, for instance one royal buffoon who studies at a spaza university or college in south Africa is funded at a tune of E100.000 per year excluding transport cost because they are ferried by hired cars to the republic and they come home whenever they wish

This entirely means one thing a university of Swaziland student is funded roughly twenty thousand a year which means you have to sacrifice four tax payers’ children to fund one royal jackal to study animal husbandry outside Swaziland whereas it is offered at the University of Swaziland that’s ludicrous. Only a government led by loom pens can allow that and in this case it is rightly so. What makes the so called royal kids to believe that they have to get preferential treatment; we are all equal stake holders in Swaziland no person is above another.

After all this then comes Mswati’ kids who never even passed your grade seven yet they are now in university and colleges in Europe and America this spoiled rats as part of their packages for studying in Europe are using contract cell phones the 606 number which is a government contract number paid for by the taxpayers, they roam in Europe and America even the richest men in the planet cant afford this. These royal kids they travel on chartered planes even if he/she is alone in the plane with all the luxuries it come with all this money is taken from the education budget. Forget about the parties they throw every weekend at their residences.

The crumbling healthy sector

One day this clown called Mswati will wake and find no one to lead because all the citizens will be dead. What kind of a leader neglects his people (no I am sorry Mswati is not a leader a leader is democratically elected). Swaziland has the highest HIV AIDS rate in the world which stands at 40% meaning 400.000 people in Swaziland are infected. Some of these peoples lives would be prolonged if the Swazi government was serious about the lives of its people the is no government programme on the roll out of ARVs except NERCHA which also does not have the capacity because most of its personnel are not hired on merit but by favor.

There is general chaos in this department starting from the buying of machinery that is not needed in our hospitals, to understaffing, lack of medication lack of specialists even an eye specialists can you imagine to the continuous stealing of medication by hospital staff and being sold to private clinics, the continuous renting of the of public hospital machinery and theaters for private use.

Why is this happening?

All this is the truth you know I have come to the conclusion that the Swazi government is a bunch of pirates that are holding the people of Swaziland by the scruff of their necks for a ransom once the ransom(TAX) has been paid then they buy themselves lavish commodities. The man called a king built himself a state of the art hospital next to one of his palaces that usually houses his train loads of girlfriends these hospital only caters for royalty it has a state of the art modern machinery doctors outside of Africa only soldiers guard it when a royal member is not responding to treatment there he/she is transferred either to south Africa or Taiwan, whereas the masses when they are not responding to treatment they are expelled from hospital how on earth can you expel a sick person from hospital. What kind of a government that allows that anyway we are not referred as citizens but mere subjects. The sad part is that 42% of the healthy budget is consumed by the royal ticks.

The palala fund

the confused government from 1998- 2003 led by the chief terrorist himself Barnabas (he is a terrorist because he doesn’t uphold the rule of law, doesn’t believe in democracy, he ruled the country on statements November 28, brought back the sixty days detention without trial, never believed in an independent judiciary he showed these by continuously harassing of then clerk to parliament when courts had intervened on zwane' favor and the undemocratic expulsion of the then speaker Mgabhi for allegedly cow dung theft all two gentlemen won in court and the tax payer was forced to cough up that’s a definition of a terrorist) not PUDEMO and SWAYOCO.

Coming back to the phalala fund a sane government cannot start initiatives that are parallel to existing structures why a separate structure for what and for whom and then you allocate a paltry amount when knowing very well that half the Swazi population is seriously sick the worst part of it is that even the affluent your cabinet ministers (Lutfo, sipho shongwe, and the hordes of these royal hangers on who are dying because of their continuously imbibing in alcohol at the various mswati' residences at the expense of the taxpayer)are also catered by these fund. Why not build more hospitals and equip them with the best machinery and get the best doctors so that we can all benefit? Children are dying of rabies because all the country' hospital doesn’t have any antibiotics for rabies these days you cant even find a pan ado in the hospitals because they are either stolen by the under staffed and overtime worked but not paid workers or the government hasn’t bought them. Our hospital’s having become gallows because once you go there I bet you will come out in a coffin.

Salaries for royal kids

The latest news on the salaries that these royal kids get is really frightening there twenty two of them at the moment all even one year olds are paid a salary of fifteen thousand rands per month apart from the eight hundred thousands rand that they are paid annually that brings the amount to R980.000 per child when you add all 22 kids you get R21560000 no wonder their mothers consumed R35.000.000 when shopping for the forty one day idiotic celebrations when you enquire where does this money comes from you are told never ask its uncultured and unswazi to do that. That’s why these kids believe that we as taxpayers are a charitable case in that they go about donating to communities and the government keeping quite what nonsense is that where on earth a school going kid can donate an amount of more than R100000 where did he get the money from. This should not be allowed.

If you are a genuine leader one that has in heart the people he leads why is mswati doing all these, why is he plundering our resources together with his family instead of using these resources to upgrade the standard of the Swazi citizens and also build infrastructure if you have a man who is a king and can withdraw thirty five million and carries it in black bags to Asia then knows that we are in trouble, a leader who is hot headed and don’t take advice from economist and various professional bodies as to how is spending and priorities will dearly cost the country but he doesn’t listen. If you can answer these questions then you will know that the Swazi ship is sinking we need new captains that will steer us clear of trouble
The questions:

1 Why was the forker 100 bought when the PEU chief Jackson advised against such and in no time it was sold at far below its value?
2 Why was the skhuphe airport built when we don’t have an airplane (it’s like buying socks yet you don’t have shoes)?
3 we need answers as to why be there no one prosecuted for the drugs that were found in one of his majesty luggages when going overseas.
4 Why was Sandile Mdziniso not welcomed in Canada to be Swaziland' high commissioner (full explanation)?
5 Swazi need an explanation to the expulsion of then kings office ceo Roy fanourakis amid claims that he stole hundred million rands that belonged to mswati and invested it in oil fields in Nigeria where did mswati get this money was it not donor funding?.
6 Why even today has no one who has been slapped with charges for the death in police cells the following citizens of Swaziland.

A] Muzi Dlamini killed by Malkerns police.
b]Mathousand Ngubane killed by Sgodvweni police( no wonder the station commander at that time MAYISA has been promoted to be the head of BARNABAS security isn’t strange and the detective involved LUKHELE has also been promoted from sergeant to the next rank).
c] Cde Dlabha Ngozo killed by lukhoz.i
The two boys who were killed by the bhunya police (one Danka Fakudze was who was the investigation officer has been promoted he now heads the traffic department at Swaziland' busiest city with a rank above that of sergeant).
d] Mphikeleli Zwane killed by Malkerns police Gulwako who was involved was given a promotion he died a sergeant.

the list is endless and the funny part of it is that not even a single police officer was suspended and mswati never even issued any statement yet when six million went missing at piggs peak police station he summoned the nation and told them that these money must be found why didn’t he call a meeting also when his cronies Lutfo, Qhawe Mamba and his sister Thabsile stole 50 million in broad daylight he kept quite like a church mouse a good leader is one that is consistent that’s why swat doesn’t possesses even one characteristics of being a leader let alone a good one. Why has Mswati been quite on the death of 46 Swazi women and children who were killed by David Simelane?

7 why suspend the Piggs Peak police commander when none of the above commanders were suspended is the value of money more than that of human life?
8 Why not expel all those senior army officers for taking bribes and sleeping with aspiring soldiers.
why was the then prime minister Mbilini not charged for accepting more than five hundred us dollars bribe from Inyatsi and intercom for the Mbabane Manzini highway no wonder even the road to his deep rural private Dlalambi home is tarred.
9 Who are the share holders of the Swaziland electricity company and who gave the mandate to privatize this national asset?
10 Tibiyo and Tisuka were started by capital raised from the sale of cattle and goats that were taken from the ordinary people of Swaziland tell me are these two entities benefiting the populace of Swaziland or only the royal family.

Immediate and unconditional release of PUDEMO President, Mario Masuku and cessation of all political; hostilities.
All citizens must be equal before the law.
Free quality education up to undergraduate studies.
All royal family members must study in Swaziland.
Free health for all and the construction of new health facilities stocked with latest machinery.
Away with the monthly and annual monies paid to the royal kids the money should be spent on elderly grants.
No overseas shopping for Mswati' wives.
Government should priories a mass role out of ARVs.
No patient must be expelled from hospital.
Arrest and prosecution of all police involved in the death of un armed citizens.
Arrest all army personnel who took bribes and slept with aspiring soldiers
Tibiyo and Tisuka must be returned to the people of Swaziland.
Demote all the police officers who were promoted for killing innocent civilians.

There’s is only one route to equality, freedom of speech, sharing of national resources, freedom of association and having rights as citizens is through multi party democracy. No man will ever stand in the way of change and the winds of change are blowing towards Swaziland we can hear the songs of freedom Swaziland shall be free.

Yours Comradely,
Phinda Mndzebele
SWAYOCO Deputy President

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