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Thursday, July 7, 2016

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Good riddance, Dr. Dlamini-Zuma

Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

Whether it was the Ebola outbreak, drowning of African refugees in the Mediterranean, famines, the return of the god-President, the International Criminal Court or popular uprisings by young people demanding revolutionary change, the out-going Chairperson of the African Union Commission failed Africa. Her successor must be someone who understands, cares about and has a vision for the continent and its people.

The Chair of the African Union Commission

Understanding the workings of the AU's top executive organ

Yitiha Simbeye

Since inception of the position of Chairperson of the African Union Commission, it has been filled by three men and one woman. Just how independent, resolute, resilient and resourceful have they been, and if they have failed, is that failure a reflection on their capability or the flawed set up of the Commission?

Brexit and the future of EPA

Yash Tandon

There is a distinct possibility of a much smaller “Little England” looking at itself in the mirror and asking how it might salvage its relations with Africa in order to continue to get Africa’s resources and markets. This time, Africa should not let England divide and rule it; it must take the opportunity to unite and negotiate as one continent.

Is this the end of Europe as we know it?

Brexit vote, European Union turmoil prompt re-evaluation of world situation

Abayomi Azikiwe

The potential for other states within the EU to withdraw from the bloc is a major worry for the imperialist states. The priority for African and other developing countries should be removing their vulnerabilities from the international capitalist system in order to achieve sustainable growth and development based on the interests of the majority of the world’s population.

Racism without race, racists without racism: The challenge of South African racism

Hashi Kenneth Tafira

South African colonial modernity fabulously benefited those who prosecuted cruel adventuring; their descendants still enjoy the ill-gotten social wages. 1994 didn’t usher a new society, so decolonisation remains an unfinished undertaking. A national project that rehabilitates and restores the full humanity of the victims of racism is an urgent necessity now.

The June 16 uprising: A response to Dr. Motsoko Pheko

Nelvis Qekema

Contrary to repeated claims, the Soweto Uprising of 40 years ago was organised and led by student members of the Black Consciousness Movement of Steve Biko. They are the people who politicised other students and imbued them with the revolutionary black consciousness philosophy. They were all found guilty of sedition in the Soweto 11 trial.

Kenya’s treatment of refugees is inhumane and unlawful

Jesuit Refugee Services

Kenya’s plans to close down its largest refugee camp have triggering concerns about the uncertain fate of refugees who will be forced back to their countries of origin. Unknown to many people, refugees already suffer horrendous human rights violations inside the camps and in urban areas. Is closing down Dadaab the best Kenya can do for such vulnerable fellow Africans?

Is the Fragile States Index ‘fatally flawed’?

Henning Melber

While at best of dubious value – if not outright dangerous for the consequences in policy spheres – the Failed States Index should be no substitute for common sense. It reinforces stereotypical Eurocentric perceptions and is at best another sign of patronising and paternalist worldviews.

Revisiting the dialogue of the deaf and the damned: For Edwin Madunagu @ 70

Chido Onumah

A humanist per excellence, Eddie brought panache and mathematical meticulousness in explaining even the most complex of historical, political and ideological issues in Nigeria.


A letter to Chronixx

Mahlet Ayele Beyecha

After many months of expectation, the famed Jamaican Reggae artiste Chronnixx was in Ethiopia where he performed to the great satisfaction of his enthusiastic fans. But he disappointed some fans who had hoped he would spare some time to personally meet them.


Media literacy for religious actors can help dispute extremist propaganda

Hawa Noor M.

The fact that media and information and communications technologies are an important resource for violent religious groups such as Al-Shabaab is a call for investment in media literacy for vulnerable and influential groups that are the target of extremist messages.

What we can learn from an Indonesian ethnicity that recognizes five genders

Sharyn Graham Davies

The Bugis, numbering around three million people and mostly Muslim, have five terms referencing various combinations of sex, gender and sexuality: female woman, male man, female man, male woman and transgender priests.


Advocacy & campaigns

Sign Petition: People of Conscience Concerned about Human Rights #JusticeforWalterRodney

Aajay Murphy


Jobs & announcements

Regional Researcher – Southern Africa (Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe)

Johannesburg, Permanent $66,580 USD per annum

The Southern Africa Regional Office (SARO) of Amnesty International, is seeking a highly capable, experienced driven and team-oriented person to the role of Researcher covering Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Namibia, focussed on the critical human rights themes that are critical to delivery Amnesty International human rights strategy. 


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