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Thursday, April 28, 2016

CONTENTS: 1. Features, 2. Advocacy & campaigns


New push for military intervention in Libya

Horace G. Campbell

Who will control the Libyan Central Bank?
The West is gearing up for another military intervention in Libya after destroying the country in 2011. What is the African Union - and all Africans - doing about this? What is the role of the AU Special Envoy to Libya, former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete? At the minimum, the UN should be told that there should be no Western intervention until there is a full-scale inquiry into the first intervention.


Barack, Hillary and the Libya crime

Margaret Kimberley

The US, NATO and Gulf monarchy attacks against Libya in 2011 were a war crime by any definition of the term. If there were any justice in the world Obama and Clinton would fear being on trial. Instead he leaves office looking like a model on magazine covers and they work together to make sure that she sits in the Oval Office after him.


Saving Makerere Institute of Social Research?

A rejoinder to the petition by “international” scholars to “rescue” the MISR PhD programme

Semeneh AyaleNoosim Naimasiah and Sabatho Nyamsenda

Makerere Institute of Social Research in Uganda is in turmoil following a confrontation that saw one lecturer, Stella Nyanzi, stage a nude protest against the institute’s director, renowned scholar Mahmood Mamdani. The conflict has exposed serious administrative problems at the institute. A group of international scholars have waded into the controversy by addressing a petition to the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University.

Unveiling white supremacy in the academy

Ama Biney

The project of genuinely decolonizing the university must be part of an inclusive task to transform the wider society of which the academy is an integral part. It is a long term undertaking which surely starts with the audacity to name the elephant in the room: white supremacy.

Partnership Schools for Liberia: A solution worse than the problem?

Presley K. Wise

If the controversial government program sounds too good to be true, it is. Given the inadequate research and planning, the partnership plan will have no impact on quality, little impact on innovation and it will do little to improve Liberia’s education system.


Remembering Clarence Mlamli Makwetu

Former President of the fiercely anti-imperialist Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) dies aged 88

Motsoko Pheko

He was a vigilant leader. He never sacrificed the fundamental objectives of the liberation struggle of his people on the polluted altar of appeasement and pseudo-diplomacy. At the heart of Makwetu's commitment to the struggle for freedom in South Africa was the land question, which remains unresolved to date.


Glebelands betrayed by Gupta TV

Venessa Burger

The Glebelands community’s constitutional rights to privacy, in their desperation to reveal the truth behind their persecution and suffering, have been severely contravened – this time by a broadcaster whose controversial owners are closely linked to President Jacob Zuma.


Panama Papers: Reigniting the debate for a global tax body

Rajesh Makwana

Establishing a globally agreed tax body under the auspices of the United Nations and putting an end to dubious tax avoidance activities would bolster government revenues and help finance the provision of essential public services, especially in the Global South.

“The peoples of ¡Berta vive!” international gathering

Cáceres lives on, and so does violence by Honduran government and dam company

Beverly Bell

The overarching message of the gathering was justice for Berta. This includes the fair investigation and prosecution of Berta's killers and the fulfillment of what she lived and died for. In the short term, this is the cancellation of the dam project on the Gualcarque River. In the longer term, it means a liberatory transformation toward a human- and earth-centered economics, politics, and society in Honduras and around the world.

The world is a country: The New York democratic primary

Mary Serumaga

In the US election – as in African ones – there are large numbers of voters totally devoted to the establishment candidates. It is as though the downtrodden, unwilling to take responsibility for their own futures, settle for the hope that a greater amount of crumbs would trickle down to them from the master’s table.

Zuma: The bitter taste of honey!

Abdulrazaq Magaji

Stiff-necked apartheid high priests had their problems but none of them contemplated the type of weird political culture the ANC and President Zuma are foisting on post-apartheid South Africa!


Behind Egypt's gift of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia

Cairo increases dependency on monarchy amid growing imperialist militarism
Abayomi Azikiwe
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to relinquish control over Sinafir and Tiran to Saudi Arabia indicates that the existing foreign policy imperatives of Washington and Riyadh take precedence over the liberation of Palestine and the genuine independence of states in North Africa and the Middle East.

Sierra Leone: Position statement on the Constitutional Review Committee draft report

Movement for Social Progress

The constitutional review process in Sierra Leone is limited in its scope and significantly undermines the possibility of a constitution that will transformational and that will stand the test of time. The proposed changes are minimal. There has also been inadequate popular participation, raising doubts that the proposed new supreme law will not substantially contribute towards further democratisation of the country.

‘All I Ever Wanted’: New play exposes ills plaguing Kenya

Paul Kihara Kariuki

The playwright explores issues that plague Kenya today and he does that with a compassionate eye and a ruthless tongue.

[Remarks by Paul Kihara Kariuki, President of the Court of Appeal of Kenya, at the first performance of All I Ever Wanted, a play by Walter Sitati on Saturday 23 April, 2016 at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium,  Nairobi]


Advocacy & campaigns

Africa Pretrial Detention Day 2016: A call to action

Stanley Ibe

April 25 was declared Africa Pretrial Detention Day last year. Notably, the Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of Detention in Africa is leading efforts, together with civil society, in several countries to implement new guidelines that will ensure pretrial detention is in accordance with the fundamental human rights of suspects.


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