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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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When the story of one is that of many

Louise Owusu-Kwarteng

This is an autobiographical account of Louise Owusu-Kwarteng’s parents’ migrational and settlement experiences in the United Kingdom, with reference to Buchi Emecheta’s novel Second Class Citizens.


Mass Racial Incarceration for Profit

Abayomi Azikiwe

This article is transcription from a lecture, which Abayomi Azikiwe delivered at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit, Michigan on Sunday 18 February 2018. Abayomi Azikiwe presented the message for the day on the history and contemporary significance of mass incarceration and the enslavement and continued national oppression of the African American people.


How to save the children from an intolerant world: Lessons from Black Panther

Olurotimi Osha

Blacks have a moment to celebrate their achievements around the globe and to leverage the moment, to confront intolerance in all its ramifications, to make black dignity a permanent reality. We should be outraged by intolerance and racism towards children and should remember that in our struggle to achieve equality, we have allies among non-Blacks, too.

Africa’s stealthy democratic transitions

Akin Rotimi

Democratic transitions going on in Africa are slow and timid. However, there is reason to believe that something substantive is happening. 


The political exorcism of southern Africa: Hope for democratisation of the continent

James Muhindo

African leaders who fought for independence soon departed from their initial objectives before African people could see the benefits of independence. Even though leaders who came after independence were also far from what African people needed, there is hope that current changes in southern Africa can inspire the entire continent. 

Sierra Leone: Can the “Lion Mountain” ever roar again?

Paul Ejime

After the recent fiercely contested presidential election in Liberia, world attention has now turned to neighbouring Sierra Leone, which has its own crucial vote on 7 March 2018. Both countries share so much in common, not just political histories, but devastations of symbiotic civil wars. Can the “Lion Mountain” ever roar again after the withdrawal of United Nations troops in 2014?

Africa’s Great Lakes Region: The most democratically challenged?

Mweha Msemo

Africa’s richest regions is said to host some of the most undemocratic governments in the continent where presidential palaces seem to have become private properties over which blood must be spilt if some strangers show signs of trespassing the perimeters. Is there any hope for this situation to change?

EAC to continue being US dumping ground for used clothing

Aisha Bahadur

Africa has become a dumping ground for used clothes from the West where it often costs more to dispose of clothing than to export it. This has had a negative impact on local economies and the dignity of Africans. Domestic capital in the industry and the domestic consumer market has been decimated in many African countries.

Further notes on people’s manifesto in Nigeria

Edwin Madunagu

Edwin Madunagu argues that Nigeria needs a people's manifesto that would borrow from the political left's thinking and be a representative of the people's really demands.  


Danish double standards on human rights

Peter Kenworthy

Denmark is fighting for a place on the United Nations Human Rights Council while supporting an European Union fisheries agreement with Morocco that includes Western Sahara, in violation of international law and the ruling of the European Union Court of Justice. 

Guilt of experiment

Samuel Abonyo

Samuel Abonyo's poem narrates disappointments from supporters of President Donald Trump who trusted and hoped that he would bring changes to their lives.  


Parzinger’s misconceptions and misrepresentations about restitution of African artefacts

Kwame Opoku

“The restitution of those cultural objects which our museums and collections, directly or indirectly, possess thanks to the colonial system and are now being demanded, must also not be postponed with cheap arguments and tricks.” Gert v. Paczensky and Herbert Ganslmayr, Nofretete will nach Hause. [1]

Jobs and Announcements

Appointment of Executive Director - Initiative Sankofa d'Afrique de l'Ouest

We are seeking a confident, innovative, West African self-starter who is spirited and has a passion for the LGBTQ community, to lead this new, dynamic and impactful fund.



Job Vacancy: Executive Director at FEMNET

The African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) is a feminist, pan-African organization established in 1988 to amplify African women’s voices and advance women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality. As a membership organization, FEMNET is a network of over 600 members, both individuals and women’s rights organizations working across African continent and diaspora to realize gender equality and women and girls’ human rights.

Job Vacancy: Executive Director - Open Society Initiative for West Africa

The Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) plays a dual role in the African region as both an advocate and grant-maker by enabling itself to be agenda-setters both within and alongside other organizations working on the ground. The Foundation works through a unique combination of grant-making, advocacy, partnership building and technical assistance.

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