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The next Pan African Congress will be held in four months time. Nations, organizations and individuals from around the Pan African world are invited to offer support prepare for this event


On behalf of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC"> for the Pan African Congress, I would like to invite you and your organization to participate at the congress scheduled to be held in Accra, Ghana, 4-9 November 2014. The congress in keeping with the broad character of all previous congresses, 1900- 1,994, will be open to all shades of opinion, groups and individuals in the whole Pan African world. In addition, African governments on the continent and in the Diaspora will participate on an equal footing with other delegates. The African union and its organs and institutions as well as regional economic blocs and platforms will also participate.

Recognizing the African Union vision of “Peace, Prosperity and Unity", the broad theme of the Congress is: “The pan-African World We Want: Building a people’s movement for just, accountable and inclusive structural transformation.”

The Committee has put forward the following issues for discussion at the Congress, without any prejudice to the right of all participants to include other matters or topics on the Agenda:

• The foundational roots of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance/Contemporary dynamics of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance in the 21st century
• Global African citizenship and the struggles for human and peoples' rights, dignity, popular democracy and social justice
• Reparative justice for historical and on-going injustices
• State and conditions of the Africans and Afro-descendants on the continent and in the global African family
• People of Faith, Secular States and communities in the Pan-Africanist world
• Creating a Union of African States and conditions for Africans on the o continent and in the global African family for full unification of the Africa
• Governing migration (forced and voluntary), free movement of people, and realizing full African citizenship
• Education, science, innovation and technology for liberation
• African arts, culture and media
• Transforming, integrating and governing the African economy (including natural resources management and ecological justice):
• Environmental justice and the right to a healthy ecology
• Democracy, governance, peace and security as key pillars and enablers for Ethe advancement of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance (examine the roles of the state, private sector and civil society in propelling Pan- Africanism and the African Renaissance).
• Pan-Africanism ,the emancipation of women, women,’ rights, humanization of men and leadership of the women's movement: gender, masculinities & power dialogue
• Pan-Africanism, youth leadership, participation and empowerment: lnter- generational dialogue

• Pan-Africanism and the role of the Global Pan African community - beyond States and inter-governmental bodies
• Addressing last outposts of colonialism
• Addressing all forms of sexism, racism, xenophobia and intolerance - Equality, identity and inclusion
• Africa's relations with the rest of the World (East, West and South-South) in the context of globalization and threats of re-colonization;
• Challenges and prospects for the revival and sustenance of the pan Africanist Movement-Organization, Mobilization & Representation

Individual and group positions and representations are encouraged. However, we are particularly encouraging various national/region at committees of the Congress and thematic groups to hold broad discussions and mini-congresses of their own before November 20L4 so that delegates of the Congress will spend longer time examining the practical and action implications of the Positions from thematic clusters and regional committees. It is the overriding desire of the Planning Committee that the Congress is not just a forum for ideas but a holistic opportunity to formulate a Plan of Action.


To ensure depth of discussions and effectiveness of the Congress, it has been necessary to limit the number of delegates (with full voting powers on the programme/policy matters) to a maximum of 2 for every organization. However, organizations can sponsor as many individuals as possible to be participants. Due to limitation of resources and vast nature of the task of convening the congress, we are appealing to invited delegates and organizations to solicit sponsorship for their own participants. The IPC, Governing Council and Government of Ghana will endeavour to provide meeting venues, visa facilitation and to a limited extent domestic transportation. Traditionally /historically this self-reliance has always been our strength and the reason why as a people inspired of all the historical pillage, genocide and damnation that we have suffered we are still surviving.

We are looking for alternative material and human resources to maintain the PAM Secretariat, capacitate the Ghana Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to perform all necessary tasks leading to the Congress. Before we look outside it is only proper to look within amongst ourselves first. In this vein, we are asking all participating organizations to make contributions of the equivalent of USDS300 towards running costs of the congress. Should you not be able to afford this, we shall gratefully receive any amount you can avail. No amount is too great or too little.

I will shortly share with you and post of the PAM Secretariat website a copy of the concept Note developed by the Planning committee to guide the organization of the congress. Also posted on the website is a call for institutional and individual volunteers. The 8th PAC will consist of Core- organized and Self-organized events with the 8th PAC Village/space. You will be expected to share a one-page abstract of proposed self-organized events and approximate number of participants to enable us to allocate space and include on the expanded 8th PAC programme.

The time to the Congress is very short, but our collective swift action will enable us to convene a successful 8th Pan Africanist congress.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Major-General Kahinda Otafire, Chairman Pan African Movement