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The Justice for Walter Rodney Committee is concerned that, despite a promise by President Granger, the renowned intellectual and activist’s family and the public in Guyana and abroad are yet to receive the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry Report.

The Justice for Walter Rodney Committee took President Granger at his word, when he announced on March 2, 2016 that the report would be laid before Cabinet, given to the political parties in the coalition government, tabled in parliament, delivered to the widow and family of Walter Rodney, and released to the press. Since then we have seen many persons with close affinity to the government continue to speak in disparaging ways of a report that is not yet public.

The Justice for Walter Rodney Committee has deliberately withheld comments on the report out of respect for the judicial process and of the Office of the Presidency. From the outset we asked for the public release of the report; and at this moment we repeat that call. The President must recognize that the delay in the release of the report opens its contents to misinformed speculation as represented by some of the letters and comments appearing in the press. The circumstances of the politics of the unnatural death of Walter Rodney, and the politics of the decisions surrounding the holding of the inquiry should not cloud the good name of the Office of the President. This was a Presidential Inquiry, and the Presidency has certain constitutional, moral and public responsibilities. Among these is to reach out to aggrieved parties. The Presidency must stand above the fray. It is of concern to us, as it should be to any concerned person or organization that up to this moment the report has not been received by the Widow and family of Walter Rodney, and counsels representing all parties at the inquiry.

While we commend the President for encouraging the parties within the coalition to study the report and possibly speak, we are concerned that none of these parties have spoken. The report should immediately be made public, and it is our considered opinion that the Ministry of the Presidency should give the public and those concerned a timetable on when the report will be sent to the family and to all counsels representing parties at the inquiry, when it will be tabled in parliament, and when it will be published and available for sale to the public.

Statement to the Media and Public by the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee

March 21, 2016