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Dani Nabudere has passed on, and with him has passed a piece of Uganda, a piece of the continent, a part of humanity, writes Yash Tandon.

Dani Wadada Nabudere has passed on. With him has passed a piece of Uganda, a piece of the continent, a part of humanity.

This is not the time to write an assessment of this great son of Africa. That would be a daunting task for anybody who would undertake it. Dani accepted life in its totality and intensity. Those who shared a part of that life, to drink from the same fountain, to walk the same walk, to share moments of joy, pain, intellectual challenges and exhilaration, even moments of ecstasy, were privileged. I am one of them.

He had a great sense of irony about himself and about history, and sharp wit, and a strong hand shake.

To Dani we owe a lot – his vision, his inspiration, the courage to speak truth to power. He was a prophet.

Dani’s death diminishes Uganda, East Africa, Africa and all those who fight for freedom, equity and justice.

In death Dani affirms life here and now and hereafter.


* Yash Tandon is a writer on development theory and practice, chairman of SEATINI and senior adviser to the South Centre.
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