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The Adilisha Program will be holding a movement building boot camp for activists’ from social justice movements and organisations in Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.The boot camp being held in Lusaka ,Zambia from May 12 -17, 2013 will facilitate activists' consciousness of their context from a deep analysis and connect what they are doing to the bigger picture or vision of social change they seek to achieve.

Participants will critically analyse their organising strategies and tactics to develop alternative strategies for effective and creative organising.It is also expected that the participants will derive approaches for educating political education and elevation of the voice and leadership of their constituents.

This will also be a space to examine, reflect and learn why social movements occur, who joins or support social movements, how social movements are organised, what they do and what change social movements bring about. It is expected that this will inspire the participants to embrace strategies that build collective action.