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Jacob Odipo’s resilience and resolve for a more equal Kenya was always on full display, writes Raphael Obonyo.


On behalf of The Youth Congress and on my own behalf, I want to relay our condolence to the family, friends and comrades of our fallen soldier Jacob Odipo.

No doubt, Odipo was a real champion of those who are oppressed, marginalised, excluded and violated by the system. He did not only criticise the oppressive system and its beneficiaries, he fought against the oppressive system and injustice at all times!

Like his name (Odipo), he provided the shade that we needed to replenish our strength and to soldier on. He was a source of inspiration and strength to many of us who interacted with him.

Like a real leader, he accommodated divergent views in the belief that there was always plurality of ways to looking at issues and that we all have a contribution to make. He always appreciated that he was first amongst equals!

At a personal level he taught me great lessons that us agents of change we must be honest and must lead from the front if we are to capture the change that we so much need. His resilience and resolve for a more equal Kenya was always on full display!

Today he is gone but the torch that he lit remain alive in our midst! Let us keep it burning!

Fare the well our fallen soldier and comrade Odipo!