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The Amy Biehl Foundation is a non-profit organization in Cape Town South Africa whose programmes are designed to develop and empower youth in the impoverished and poverty-stricken townships, contribute to community building efforts and give children hope and a brighter future.

The Amy Biehl Foundation is a non-profit organisation in Cape Town South Africa whose programmes are designed to develop and empower youth in the impoverished and poverty-stricken townships, contribute to community building efforts and give children hope and a brighter future. Our mission statement of weaving a barrier against violence is achieved by providing educational and cultural activities that offer students healthy alternatives to all the negative influences such as crime, drugs, sex, idleness etc and unlocks their creative talent with the aim of creating future leaders, entrepreneurs and well rounded citizens in a global society. Our programmes reach over 3,000 children every week, and include:

* After School Care
* Music, Including Violin, Guitar, Recorder, Marimba, Choral Singing and Brass
* HIV / AIDS Peer Education
* Greening and Environment
* Youth Reading Role Models
* Creative Arts, Including Drama and Dance - Kwaito, Modern, Traditional and Ballet
* Sport including soccer, hockey, swimming, diving, cricket and the only Golf Driving Range in a township * Computer Literacy
* Prison Outreach These programmes place a focus on the creative side of the children's brain, and supplements the shortcomings of the educational system in the townships of South Africa. There are great inadequacies in the impoverished township schools in which we work, creating a great need for our programmes. Through our programmes, we allow the children to supplement what they learn during the course of the school day with creative programmes that let them express themselves and think freely in an imaginative environment. Providing these students with meaningful opportunities helps to grow the economy moving forward, as the next generation will be better equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. Funding and support is needed to continue and grow our vast array of programmes, which have been running very successfully for 9 years. The number of children that we can reach is directly proportionate to the amount of funding that we are able to raise. We are appealing to individuals and organisations for support so that we can continue our vision of providing a brighter future with greater opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities.
How can you help? Make a once-off donation or a monthly donation to the programmes or a specific programme of your choice. You can send a cheque or make an electronic transfer to the Foundation's bank account ( details below)

In return the Amy Biehl Foundation would like to offer individuals and organisations the following: The opportunity to visit our programmes and see the difference the donation is making,. Updated reports and pictures of the programmes through our quarterly newsletter, As the Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit organisation donations are tax deductible. Many fantastic marketing opportunities for organisations, including logo and company name displayed in our office, on our grant proposals and on our website, which is being updated. Great exposure to an international and national market as the Foundation has visitors daily from all over the world. In the past 6 months over 2000 visitors have visited our offices and programmes. In addition, individuals and organisations who support the Foundation will be: Ensuring the sustainability and continuation of current Amy Biehl programmes.
Providing the means for the Foundation to continue offering educational programmes to make certain that the alarming rate of high school students dropping out of school ends.
Helping to give children an alternative to a life of crime. The current level of crime in South Africa has a negative effect on all citizens and businesses, and causes many to live in fear. By participating in our programmes, the youth are better equipped to ward of the temptations of drugs, gangs and unsafe sex.
Providing a beacon of hope for disadvantaged youths, and creating a future healthy society of emotionally equipped and well-rounded individuals.
Enabling South African youth to reach their full potential, regardless of their current economic standing.
Helping students develop life skills, such as cultural awareness, public speaking, and creative thinking, that will carry them forward as the future leaders of our society. When in SA take the Amy Biehl Cultural Township Tour and/or encourage visitors to take the tours - Best rates in CT and visitors get to experience and interact with the children in the various activities described above. “ ….Inspiring.……motivating…… captivating…… life changing….” Some of the words used by visitors to describe the tour Contact details of the Amy Biehl Foundation :
7th Floor, No. 1, Plein Street, Cape Town, 8001 South Africa Phone: (021) 462-5052 Fax: (021) 462-7325 Email : [email][email protected] Banking Details: Name : Amy Biehl Foundation Trust Bank : First National Bank Branch : Adderley Street Branch Code : 201409 Account Number : 62085677890 Swift Code : FIRNZAJJXXX THANK YOU 'You make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give'