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€ 38,198 per annum, Dakar, Senegal

Determined to eliminate injustice and promote equality, Amnesty International is at the forefront of human rights advocacy. But to maximise awareness on a global level, we need to maintain a single and consistent voice. By co-ordinating translation requests across the West Africa region, you'll help us share vital information.


This is a brand new role resulting from decentralisation of our translation and production services. Working as part of an integrated international team, you'll have real scope for creative input at a local level. In particular, you will assess how to adapt content both visually and verbally for a regional audience. Handling translation requests, mostly for French and Arabic, you'll work with a team of in-house translators, as well as third-party suppliers. You will also co-ordinate the production of related materials such as reports and leaflets.


Although this is a co-ordination rather than translation role, you will need fluent French and ideally some knowledge of Arabic. You enjoy being part of a distributed team. You'll be used to working with printers and other creative services, while editorial experience would be a plus- in particular collaborating with designers on visual adaptations. You will apply your understanding of good design to ensure that work is fully aligned to the regional needs. You're likely to have experience of working in Africa, ideally already living in Dakar, and will be confident about building good working relationships with local suppliers.


Our aim is simple: an end to human rights abuses. Independent, international and influential, we campaign for justice, freedom and truth wherever they’re denied. Already our network of over three million members and supporters is making a difference in 150 countries. And whether we’re applying pressure through powerful research or direct lobbying, mass demonstrations or online campaigning, we’re all inspired by hope for a better world. One where human rights are respected and protected by everyone, everywhere.

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Closing Date: 18th May 2014