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Landmines Struggle Center monitored the deaths of 5 persons and the injury of 7 in 6 mine/UXOs incidents in Egypt during last year. The number of casualties has decreased compared to 1999, which witnessed 37 victims (14 killed/23 injured) and 1998 that witnessed 33 victims (13 killed/20 injured).

Landmines Struggle Center (LSC)

Press Release

12 mine/UXOs victims in Egypt during 2000

LSC Asks the National Committee for Mine Clearance

To Adopt Mine Awareness and Victims Assistant programs

LSC asks upon the new Minister of Foreign Affairs

To Join the Mine ban Treaty

Cairo 15th May 2000

Through its victim’s survey program, LSC monitored death of 5 victims 1 of them child (5 years old) and injury of 2 others 1 of them women lost here hands (mother of the killed child) in 3 mine incidents in the eastern Area which includes Sinai and Red Sea coast.

The first accident was in 22/2/2000 in ELAMAR village –Ismailia governorate-150 Km east Cairo. 3 were killed 1 was injured when one of them stepped landmine in the area.

The Second accident was in beginning of December in ALKASIMA area-North Sinai governorate-450 Km east Cairo. Bedouin women called RAIA (20 years) lost here son EID (5 years) who was killed and lost here hands too when here donkey stepped an Israeli anti-tanks in their way for grassing in the mentioned area.

The third accident was in 30/12/2000 in ELGEFGAFA area-North Sinai governorate-400 Km east Cairo. MRZOUQ ANWAR was killed when he stepped Israeli landmine.

In the Western area, which includes Northwest Egypt tell the Egyptian-Libyan border, LSC monitored 3 incidents resulted the injury of 5 victims 4 of them under the age of 14 and the 5th lost his leg when he was crossing the border illegally.

The first accident was in 20/7/2000 in GALALA village-Eldaba’aa city, Matrouh governorate-350 Km northwest Cairo. FATMA ABD ELSAMIEE (10 years) lost three fingers of here left hand and had many fragments in the other hand, face and chest. These resulted from unknown objective (UXO) explosion when she was grassing in the area.

The second accident was in 10/12/2000 in the Egyptian-Libyan border-Matrouh govrnorate-900 Km northwest Cairo. NABIEL MIKA’EIL lost his leg when he stepped landmine during crossing the border illegally.

The third accident was in 12/ 12 /2000 in ELSHAL’EI area –Matrouh city, Matrouh governorate- 650 Km northwest Cairo. SALAH WAAER TAHER (11 years) lost his left hand and had injuries in his face, chest and head. ABD ELNASSER MOUSA TAHER (14 years) had fragments in several parts of his body. RAMADAN MASTOUR TAHER (12 years) had many fragments in his face, chest and back. The three cousins were injured when they found unknown objective (UXO) 300-meter way from their home.

LSC found out that no one of the victims received mine awareness before the accident or victims assistant after the accident. These belong to the serious lake of mine awareness and victim assistant in Egypt. Regarding those facts, LSC asks the national committee to supervise mine clearance to adopt mine awareness and victim assistant programs.

LSC asks upon Mr. AHMED MAHER the new minister of foreign affairs to adopt new Egyptian mine ban policy and to join the mine ban treaty.