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The movement expresses solidarity with Burundians and appeals to authorities to uphold the human rights of all citizens, including the freedoms of assembly, association and expression. East African leaders should act quickly to prevent the current crisis from spiraling into a full-scale disaster.

We, the members of the East African Zinduka Festival, are concerned with the current situation in Burundi. As East Africans irrespective of our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status or affiliations, we are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. Under no circumstances should any person suffer displacement, loss of life or be forcibly silenced by the powers that be for demanding their right to free and fair elections. This is a human rights issue that is of great concern to us and is one that requires our quick and immediate attention.


1. Support peaceful and democratic elections and therefore people’s voices must be respected.

2. Demand to know what actions the East African Community Presidents intend to take with respect to the situation in Burundi and want to see these infringements on people's rights strongly condemned and those responsible be held accountable for their actions.

3. Appeal to the Burundian authorities to uphold the human rights of all Burundians, including the freedom of assembly, association and expression.

4. Urge the security services to remain non partisan and exercise restraint in responding to public demonstrations.

5. Urge all concerned parties to reject violence and avoid engaging in debates and discussions that can make the situation worse.

6. Want a safe and peaceful Burundi!

Zinduka is a catalyst that complements other ongoing as well as future efforts by state and non-state actors to build a sustainable East African Community by making it a people-driven-process as opposed to being a political process. Failure to involve the people in the integration process increases the process's vulnerability to manipulations by politicians, as well as reducing its capacity to call for accountability from member governments.

The Zinduka Festival presents a platform that among other things seeks to 'awaken' East Africans to the urgent need for them to take charge of their destiny by sensitizing them on the integration status, challenges and what the East Africans can do to harness the opportunities of the integration process.

Zinduka East African Organizing Committee stands with the people of Burundi at these trying moments! We pray for the respect of human rights, democracy and peace in Burundi!