The leader of one of the Congolese rebel movements has refused to give an assurance that his troops will pull back from the front-line in compliance with a peace treaty.

This five day training event aims to respond to the urgent need for craetive and participatory approaches to the resolution of intra-state conflict by promoting respect for human rights, governance and citizen based third party mediation. The training aims to enable and strengthen the capacity of women's organisations to effectively contribute to peacebuilding processes within the West African sub-region. As it is our first sub-regional session, we would particularly welcome applications more

A group of NGOs including Amnesty have called on the international community to "turn principles into practice", as Mary Robinson highlighted in her opening statement to the UN Commission on Human Rights. The case of Togo, which has systematically violated international human rights standards, will be a test case for whether the Commission on Human Rights can put effective action before
political interests.

Eight African countries have amended their constitutions to domesticate the
International Criminal Court statutes on crimes against humanity.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) wishes to facilitate information-sharing and to assist countries in the development of national plans of action for human rights education.