Does political and economic stability improve people's livelihoods and their quality of life? Does stability increase the success of development projects? Uganda has recently enjoyed a period of relative economic calm, leading researchers from the University of Bath to ask: how have poverty reduction programmes fared during this time? How far is success dependent on local conditions?

Communities of present-day or former hunter-gatherers live in scattered communities across the world, although their precise numbers and status are uncertain. Their often marginalized status and ethnolinguistic diversity has made it hard to articulate their case for land rights outside Australia and North America. Hunter-gatherers' preferred subsistence strategy, hunting, often comes into direct conflict with conservation philosophies and protected areas often fall within traditional more

Statistics SA reveals that unemployment rose from 36.3% in 1999 to 37.3% in 2000. Even the ‘official’ figures which exclude ‘discouraged job seekers’, show a rise from 23.3% to 26.7% and a new report on job losses shows a 15% loss in formal sector jobs in ten years.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has lifted restrictions on the free movement of people and goods in a measure linked to progress in ending the country's conflict, a senior minister said last week.

More than 200 bodies have been found in mass graves in a suburb of the Burundian capital of Bujumbura, local officials said last week.