Most United Nations staff from Europe and North America were offered higher-level jobs at the time of their recruitment than their counterparts from Asia, Africa and Latin America, says a new report by a UN working group.

Namibian President Sam Nujoma's attack on homosexuals this week could lead to violence against innocent citizens, says a local human rights group.

The United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights this week announced her decision not to stand for a second four-year term in the world's top human rights post. But, once out of office, will she regret it?

Stalemate in the Western Sahara. Stand-off in Sierra Leone. The headlines go on. What hope is there that conflict-torn parts of Africa will pull themselves out of a vicious cycle of poverty, human rights abuse and violence? A United Nations watchdog attempts to point the way for the international community.

David McTaggart, the founder of Greenpeace International, was killed Friday
in a head-on car crash on a country road in central Italy. He was 68.