The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has suspended its food deliveries in southwestern Guinea following a rebel attack on the garrison town of Nongoa, according to a local spokesperson.

The United Nations food agency has announced that 84,000 refugees who fled Democratic Republic of the Congo for Zambia are facing hunger amid dwindling food supplies.

CICC Team on Aggression, 7th Session of the ICC PrepCom. Submitted by Espen Rostrup Nakstad (ELSA Norway)

This message is to inform you of an important international conference that will be held in Athens, Greece, on 24 and 25 May, 2001. The conference title is: THE CHILD: A VICTIM OF WAR, AND A MESSENGER OF PEACE. The event is organized by the Foundation for the Child and the Family (Athens), in cooperation with the International Peace Bureau and the Hague Appeal for Peace.

The South African government has turned down calls from the country's largest trade union and official opposition for an AIDS emergency to be declared amid a legal challenge by some of the world's leading pharmaceuticals firms over domestic efforts to make cheap anti-viral drugs.