Although often overlooked by international development groups, traditional leaders still wield considerable power in many African countries - despite the rise of elected governments. John Eberlee reports on the role of chiefs in post-colonial Africa.

By Simon Denyer, Monday March 12 1:32 PM ET KAMPALA (Reuters) - Results trickled in from Uganda's hard-fought presidential election on Monday amid reports of vote rigging in one district and intimidation elsewhere.

A new round of fighting which erupted last week when armed rebels crossed into northern Liberia from Guinea - beating back government reinforcements sent to the area - has forced between 15,000 and 20,000 civilians to flee their homes.

KIGALI, Rwanda (Reuters) -- Rwanda has accused Uganda of harboring "anti-Rwanda elements" but said it would not be dragged into an unnecessary conflict with its neighbor and former ally.

Kampala (Reuters) - Uganda has put its neighbour and former ally Rwanda on a list of "hostile states" which are banned from financing candidates in the imminent presidential election, President Yoweri Museveni said on Sunday.