Turnout was high in yesterday's presidential election in Uganda where the incumbent Yoweri Museveni is heading for another term in office in spite of having lost much of his popularity.

A UK-based charity is today calling on foreign oil companies to immediately suspend their operations in Sudan and for oil giants BP and Shell to divest their shares in companies linked with atrocities in the country.

The main political opponent of Uganda's incumbent president Yoweri Museveni has hinted that he is to take "political action" to pressure the new leader to annul his landslide poll win this week following allegations of malpractice.

Although often overlooked by international development groups, traditional leaders still wield considerable power in many African countries - despite the rise of elected governments. John Eberlee reports on the role of chiefs in post-colonial Africa.

By Simon Denyer, Monday March 12 1:32 PM ET KAMPALA (Reuters) - Results trickled in from Uganda's hard-fought presidential election on Monday amid reports of vote rigging in one district and intimidation elsewhere.