Stiff-necked apartheid high priests had their problems but none of them contemplated the type of weird political culture the ANC and President Zuma are foisting on post-apartheid South Africa!



The conduct of embattled president of Nigeria’s senate, Bukola Saraki, is forcing some of his fans to question his innocence in the corruption case instituted against him.  


In recent years, over two dozen articles have appeared in African American and African media detailing deep-rooted institutional racism against Black workers at the World Bank. Conspicuously, the Western media has kept the issue out of its radar screen. But branding Africa as "a hopeless continent" comes naturally to the Western media pontiffs.


Today’s Angola proves the African proverb that all manner of knives are brought out the day an elephant is killed. Pity is that the party that should have all Angolans in attendance is for a select few. On the high table, surrounded by members of his family and a few cronies made up of generals and sundry leeches, is His Excellency President Eduardo dos Santos and his eldest daughter, Isabel.


Where rights are at stake, immediate action is required. Those who continue to uphold the existing, highly skewed international economic and financial order delay the realization of human rights by many decades, thereby becoming responsible for hundreds of millions of poverty-related deaths in the meantime.