Peacekeeping deployments are essential to the U.S. and its Western allies’ interests, but they are also an economic opportunity for soldiers from the Global South and for troop contributing nations.


Last year news that medicalization of FGM is an increasing trend in Kenya went online. Considering that Female Genital Mutilation is outlawed in Kenya, there’s a huge need to build a national and transnational strategy to tackle and address the issue in order to eradicate it.


Does Ethiopia really need resorts for relaxation and entertainment of the corruptly rich and foreign sex fiends when over 80 percent of the population lives in tattered thatched-roof tukuls?

Forty years after his death, Nigerians who see General Murtala Muhammad as their country’s ‘best gift to the world’ are clamouring for the anniversary of his death to be declared Heroes’ Day.


Against the backdrop of past and continued efforts by white supremacists and their institutions to keep us down, Black people must stand up together as one to fight back just as Dr. Woodson did in his time. We must continue to research and write our own rich and diverse histories.