The effect of Tanzania's wide-ranging economic reforms on the performance of its manufacturing industries has been the focus of debate. How far have protectionist policies of the pre-liberalisation era rendered domestic firms vulnerable to increased competition? Has the removal of market distortions facilitated greater long-term efficiency?

How are poor record keeping and bad financial management connected? Is the one a symptom of the other? To what extent does accurate financial information prevent corruption and fraud? An International Records Management Trust study examined the link between record management and financial accountability in sub-Saharan Africa. How do different record keeping systems reflect government and donor agency strategies for financial control and accountability? Are they related to success in more

Principles and Practices in Managing Financial Records: A Reference Model and Assessment Tool is now available online from The International Records Management Trust.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has accused the Federal Government of encouraging corruption in the public sector, in view of its refusal to pay workers in its employ for upwards of four months.

The preparatory process for The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), scheduled to be held in Johannesburg in mid-2002, was launched in Dakkar on 12 March. Talks are aimed to prepare for the 2002 meeting with the full realization that human and material resources are available to make sustainable development a concrete reality.