The government on 12 October announced the introduction of a new US $100 million poverty reduction programme for northern Uganda, 'The New Vision' reported.

Rampant drug abuse among students is to blame for the increasing incidence of strikes in schools in Uganda's Bushenyi district, according to media

Document explores women's relationship to political parties in South Africa and Uganda. It seeks to examine processes and consequences of transitions from authoritarianism on women's political participation in representative institutions.

A sustained campaign of terrorism over the past 15 years had had a very negative effect on Uganda, preventing it from surpassing an average gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 6.5 per cent, Ugandan envoy Fred Byendeza told a UN General Assembly debate on international terrorism on Thursday, 4 October.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has now overtaken malaria as the leading cause of death among adults in Uganda, and has claimed over 800,000 Ugandan lives so far, according to Dr David Kihumoro Apuuli, Director-General of the Uganda Aids Commission.