Uganda's Amnesty Commission chief Justice Onega has said that rebels convicted of treason are eligible for pardon under the government's amnesty initiative, the 'New Vision' reported on Wednesday.

Decentralisation is trendy. Enthusiasts in donor agencies and academia see political legitimacy, democratisation, economic efficiency, lean government and poverty reduction as likely consequences of a decentralised government. Yet, is there hard evidence that decentralisation delivers the goods?

Uganda's literacy rate has gone up by almost 10% over the last decade alone, an International Conference on Education and Poverty Eradication has heard.

The governments of Sudan and Uganda are expected to restore diplomatic relations - severed in 1996, with each of the two accusing the other of supporting the other's rebel movements - through the formal exchange of diplomats next month, according to the 'EastAfrican' newspaper.

Opposition politicians, religious groups and civil society groups have come out against the cabinet line-up of President Yoweri Museveni, endorsed by parliament on 19 July, saying it was not representative of different groups in the country, despite Museveni's promises, the 'EastAfrican' newspaper reported on Monday.