Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, are meeting on Friday morning at Katuna border post - a stretch of no-man's land which lies between their two countries. The meeting is the first of its kind in close to a year and the presidents will be trying to find ways to repair their damaged relationship.

Uganda is now ranked third most corrupt country in the world, according to a survey conducted by Transparency International (TI). ,According to TI Corruption Perception Index for 2001 released on Wednesday, Bangladesh is the most corrupt nation followed by Nigeria amongst 91 nations surveyed.

Ugandan Feminism: Political Rhetoric or Reality? discusses the issues involved in constructing feminisms in a global context, while recognising women's diverse cultural backgrounds and local priorities. Focusing on the Ugandan context, the relationships between feminisms at local, national, and international levels are explored.

At least seven people have been shot dead in election violence across Uganda, news agencies reported on Wednesday. Violence erupted in a village near the eastern town of Mbale after a bodyguard of candidate Simon Mulongo allegedly shot and killed five opposition supporters, the semi-official 'New Vision' daily said. The newspaper reported that an angry mob then disarmed Mulongo's bodyguard before killing him. "At least six people are dead, and eight are injured and are in Mbale hospital," more

Unmet need for contraception in developing countries is often attributed to a lack of family planning services. Yet the problem of unmet need persists in urban areas with reasonable access to services. Is poor communication between couples responsible for continuing unmet contraceptive need?