Uganda is heading to presidential elections in March. The country seems to have hardly matured as its politicians are pre-occupied with their own interest and not that of the country and its people. Whether President Museveni retains power next year or the opposition unseats him, there is no hope that this state of affairs will change for the better.

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While international attention is focused on the constitutional crisis in Burundi, Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers have again violated the territorial integrity of DR Congo by sending troops into the country. What are they up to?

While the proposed law is relevant to provide for and harmonize the process of collecting identification information, there are a number of loopholes around data protection and requirements for registration that arguably render it unconstitutional in its current state.

A timely release documenting the voices of those people affected by the numerous and complicated conflicts in this eastern Africa nation, the book gives the reader a chance to see the state of a nation in transition, from the perspective of the masses.

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Post war northern Uganda has been economically and politically deprived leading to the exclusion of especially women in political processes. The inequity in access to resources and to positions of power between the sexes affects the structure of the country as a whole and must be corrected.