COSATU welcomes the launch of the South African Democracy Education Trust. We believe that this initiative is an important step toward recording the history of our people's history struggle for freedom. It must form part of an urgent process to ensure that our country's real history is taught in the schools.

This manual is being used in basic courses at police academies in Denmark. It offers a course framework and various useful overheads and handouts. The course consists of two parts: "Life, Freedom, and Liberty and Security of Person" (freedom of assembly, use of force, right to life) and "Equal Rights" (rights of refugees, protection against discrimination). The manual includes overheads and handouts on the European and UN systems, methods of investigation, questions concerning detainees' more

HURIDOCS gladly announces a new series of brief, practical manuals aimed to help build the capacity of human rights organisations with regard to monitoring and documentation.

We thank you very much for the Newsletters. They are very enlightening and educative. We look forward to your future editions.

Mission: Doctors of the World is dedicated to improving the health and relieving the suffering of vulnerable populations in the United States and abroad. Our primary objectives are to offer the finest available medical expertise to those in greatest need, and in so doing, to utilize medical care to protect human rights and to promote peaceful reconciliation. Contact Person: Cerue Van den Broeck.