I have reformatted the outcomes of the "FAO: First International Workshop on Farm Radio Broadcasting ''Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) Servicing Farm Radio: New Contents, New Partnerships", held at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy, from February 19 to February 22, 2001, in a MS Word 97 document.

St. Luke School of Medicine, Ghana and Liberia, West Africa, is now accepting applications for students wishing to study medicine online. The Basic Science curriculum (the first two years of medical school) will be presented online starting with Human Anatomy. This course is scheduled to be begin May 14, 2001, leading to a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD). St. Luke SOM is only one of a few schools in the world to present this curriculum. For info contact Dr. Jerroll.

In June this year, IFAT will hold its sixth biennial international Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, on the theme: The Fair Trade Difference - People, Principles and Partnership. Fair Trade producers are democratically organised or working in enterprises with socially engaged management. Many work in the informal sector producing handcrafts. Others are farmers with smallholdings or growers belonging to co-operatively organised groups. 158 Fair Trade organisations, in 50 countries around the wor...read more

The World Bank first and the Hutu-Tutsi civil war later have led the Batwa pigmies to near extinction and years of suffering, without this being reported by the world mass media.