President Paul Kagame threw a mighty tantrum following the arrest in the UK of his spy chief, Gen. Emmanuel Karenzi Karake. But the exiled opposition party Rwanda National Congress has welcomed the arrest, applauding the new efforts by some Western nations to demand accountability from the brutal tyranny in Kigali.


If the 1994 genocide against Tutsis stands out as the most depraved and tragic chapter in Rwanda’s history, its corollary is certainly the three years that followed in which a slower, largely hidden campaign of abject cruelty was meted out against Hutus in Rwanda and the DRC. Rwanda's spy chief Emmanuel Karake, arrested on 20 June in the UK, was the mastermind of this unacknowledged genocide against Hutus.

Dr Odora-Obote’s arguments and the positions of the Government of Rwanda aim to ensure that the Rwandan people, who were victims of the genocide and continue to be victimized by the regime at home and outside, will never be afforded the right to know the truth.

The German Foreign Minister recently visited Africa and described Rwanda as an “anchor for stability”. On the contrary, the true characterization of President Paul Kagame’s ruling clique is that the last 20 years have been a reign of terror with a distorted and deceptive narrative that criminalizes and marginalizes Hutus in particular and all his opponents in general.

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Debate about the quest for justice following the Rwandan genocide of 20 years ago continues. A former defence counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) adds his voice, responding especially to former Prosecution official Alex Odora-Obote’s defence of the Tribunal.