Will love triumph and invariably bring forth the passport to prosperity? This is the question that grips the reader from the first chapter of the novel. Sanya Osha adopts a simple and clear language to systematically unfold the tempo of this impressive storyline.

‘Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System’ is the must-read book for any person who cares about farmers and food. It is a book that must be read by all people who defend the rights of farmers and food sovereignty in Africa and around the globe.


More than half a million objects are to be moved to a massive German museum now under construction. Many of these items were looted from Africa and now the argument justifying their continued holding in Germany is that they are shared global heritage. It is unacceptable.

By recovering and uncovering the links in theory and practice between democracy, human rights, and social justice, Professor Gould’s book opens a gateway into these connections in a way that reclaims democracy by refreshing its emancipatory promises.

In Swaziland you can rarely find a company or government parastatal whose board of directors does not include a prince, princess, chief or the king’s business associate. It is an absolute monarchy where one’s opportunities and place in society are almost fully dependent on connections and willingness to comply with the decrees of King Mswati III.